Registration opens in October 2019 and closes on February 29th, 2020. Please keep in mind that you can only register online, we won't sell tickets on the spot.

Registrations are now closed

One Spot in a 2 person Bedroom

  • Three nights at the hotel
  • Convention access from Friday till Monday
  • Breakfast and Dinner
  • Convention badge, lanyard, conbook.

Convention Ticket

  • Convention access from Friday till Monday
  • Convention badge, lanyard, conbook.


Sponsor Option

  • Goodies
  • T-shirt
  • Sponsor badge, sponsor lanyard

+30 EUR  
Learn more Tickets resale

Residential ticket

Residential tickets are the best way to enjoy the convention! Breakfast and Dinner (Buffet) are all included in the price.

Be careful that contrary to other conventions, we propose separated spots in a bedroom. If you want to be sure to have all the spots in the same bedroom, please do select a "Full bedroom".

Residential tickets include:

  • Convention access from Friday to Monday.
  • A spot in a hotel room (3 nights).
  • Buffet breakfast.
  • Buffet dinner in “Le Cocon” - the hotel’s restaurants.
  • Convention badge, lanyard, conbook.

Main days are from the 15th of April to 18th of April 2022.

Convention ticket

Convention Tickets give you access to the whole convention area and activities from the 15th to the 18th of April 2022.

Convention tickets include:

  • Convention access from Friday to Monday.
  • Convention badge, lanyard, conbook.

Please, take note that if you already have a Residential Ticket, your convention access is included.

Payment methods

We only accept payment by bank transfer, credit or debit card (through Strype, no account is needed). Please note that we don't take payments via PayPal.

When paying by bank transfer, you can pay in twice for payments over 100€. The first part has to be paid within two weeks after your order and with a minimal amount of 100€. The last payment has to be done within 45 days after the order.


This year you can request a partial refund, whitin 14 days after the first payment. You are allowed to sell your tickets. Please contact the registration team for more details.

Tickets resale

You can find here tickets that people are reselling. If you want to buy one of thoses tickets, do as follow:

  1. You log in or create an account first to see the contact information.
  2. Contact the seller, agree on the payment and provide your registration number to him.
  3. Then, the seller has to send an email to Registration it must contain:
    • The seller's agreement on giving his ticket away to the buyer.
    • The registration number of the buyer.
  4. The Registration team will reattribute the tickets and confirm the changes have been made.

There are no tickets to buy on second hand for now.