Help us out at Fauntastic !

Come and join the adventure for the long ride ! Take part in a project we’re trying to make better each year. Tasks are usually well divided at Fauntastic and we try as much as possible that nobody drowns in work.

Wanna try that last tech or skill you learnt in a real project with objectives and deliverables ? Join us !

Front-end web developer

Join the web-team and help Tach build our Fauntastic website ! We use some combination of different technologies, it’s still important to glue those on beautiful web pages together.

So if you can rock these #CSS {properties: 100%;} , come try your skills on a project with such a stake you could add it in your portfolio with pride.

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Volunteering in other departments?

You wanna help but you’re not sure how or what you could do ? There’s a lot of stuff you can do to help before/during/after the con. Our volundeer team is awesome and full of joyful people.

Come help us build a better experience for everyone at Faun, join the volundeer team !

Contact Kagemaru: