Updated on 14-Mar-2022

Fauntastic COVID-19 Informations and Policies

In order to keep our attendees as healthy and safe as possible, the convention will have the following policies in place:

Capacity limits

Capacity limits will be enforced to follow social distancing guidelines. This may include allowing fewer people in event rooms, bathrooms facilities, elevators, restaurant and lounge areas.

Fursuit Lounge

A fursuit lounge will still be available. The exact setup (eg. fans, cooling stations) will be determined closer to the event date, based on advice from government health units. While out of your fursuit, face masks are required to be worn in the lounge.

COVID-19 symptoms or positive test results at the convention

If you develop COVID symptoms at the convention, have a positive COVID test result, or you are informed that you have come into contact with someone diagnosed with COVID, you must contact us at covid19@fauntastic.eu

Please quarantine in your hotel room, or if you do not have a room at the hotel, return to your home with as little contact with others as possible, or follow your quarantine plan. All roommates and other close contacts in attendance with you must also quarantine.

How to prepare for Fauntastic ?

Traveling to France from abroad

If you’re traveling from outside of France, make sure you prepare for all checks and procedures that you need to follow while traveling. Learn more about France’s requirements for entry.

If you’re not a citizen from a European Union country, we encourage you to double check if your vaccination proof is accepted as such by the EU.

Bring extra sanitation supplies

While Fauntastic and the DoubleTree will provide public sanitation supplies (such as hand sanitizer), we encourage you to bring your own for personal use.

Wear the correct kind of masks

Make sure to wear masks ensuring your safety as well as the other’s. Check out the french government recommendations about masks.


As you know, the Covid pandemic, governmental measures and our concerns about our attendees' and staff's health made us postpone the convention for 2022.

We hope that this FAQ will answer to most of your questions and concerns. Should there be some unanswered questions, you can send them to us through contact@fauntastic.eu and we will do our best to get back to you.

I cannot come at the new dates, what can I do?

We recommend you to resell your ticket to someone else. For more informations about  reselling your ticket, please refer to “How do I resell my ticket?”, available below in this FAQ. Unfortunately the convention is unable to refund tickets.

I will not come to the new date, I fear the virus might still be present, what can be done ?

We understand your fear. If you do not wish to come to this year’s edition, we strongly advise you to resell your ticket to someone else. Unfortunately the convention is not able to refund any tickets.

Can I get my ticket refunded?

Unfortunately, the convention is unable to refund any tickets.

Our non profit organization is bound by contracts with multiple service providers that we have already had to pay. Our funds are only coming from the sale of the convention tickets of the current edition, doing refunds would mean the bankruptcy of our non profit organization and the definitive end of the convention.

To our great regret, we unfortunately cannot offer refunds. However, it is possible to resell your ticket to another person. We’ll accept changes until March 1st, 2022.

How do I resell my ticket?

You must find a person who wants to buy your ticket. The terms of payment and reselling are to be managed between you (the seller) and the buyer, the convention is not at any time involved in the transaction between you and the buyer.

  1. If not done already, the buyer must create an account on fauntastic.eu, to obtain a registration number.
  2. Once the sale has been made, you (the seller) must send an email to registration@fauntastic.eu and inform us that you agree to transfer your ticket and include the buyer's registration number.
  3. We only accept changes until March 1st, 2022.
  4. Our registration team will re attribute the ticket and confirm the changes to all the parties over a few days.

Our website has a functionality to help you find a buyer : 

  1. Login to your profile on our website 
  2. If you wish to resell your ticket(s), check the corresponding box on your profile. If you wish to write a custom announcement (for example to specify the number of ticket to sell), use the blank text box made for this purpose.
  3. Your name will then appear on the list of people wishing to sell their tickets, available at: fauntastic.eu/tickets 
  4. Your personal information will only be visible to logged in users

How to buy a ticket sold by another attendee?

You want to buy the ticket of someone who is no longer able to come to the convention. Here is how :

  1. If you have not already done so, create an account on fauntastic.eu, in order to obtain a registration number.
  2. The fauntastic.eu/tickets page contains a list of people who wish to resell their tickets. Contact information is available if you visit this page while logged into your account.
    Should you not find what you were looking for, you can check "Notify me when someone sells their ticket(s)" to be notified by email when there are new tickets on sale.
  3. You need to contact the person selling their ticket, and arrange for payment. The convention is not at any time involved in the transaction between new attendees and sellers.
  4. Once the person selling you their ticket has received your payment, they must contact registration@fauntastic.eu with your registration number.
  5. We accept ticket changes until March 1st, 2022.
  6. Our registration team will re attribute the ticket and confirm the changes to all the parties over a few days.

I want to resell a convention only ticket, is the procedure the same as for a residential ticket?

Yes, the procedures are exactly the same regardless of which type of ticket you have to sell: convention ticket or residential ticket.

I’m reselling a ticket with a sponsor option, but the person interested in buying my ticket doesn’t want the sponsor. Is it possible to cancel it ?

No. The sponsor option being already reserved, you’re selling a ticket including the sponsor option. The buyer will automatically receive the benefits of the option.

The selling price remains negotiable between the seller and the buyer. 

I bought back a ticket containing a sponsor option, but the tshirt size included in it isn’t matching mine. Can it be changed ?

As long as stocks are available, it’s still possible to change the size of the tshirt you’ll receive at the convention. In order to do so, please write to registration@fauntastic.eu.

I bought both my ticket and my friends ticket. Only one of us would like to sell their ticket, how can I do it ?

The resell process is to be handled by the account associated to the purchase of the ticket. It is possible for us to transfer only one out of two tickets to the buyer.  All payments are handled by the buyer and the reseller, the convention is not at any time involved in the transaction between new attendees and sellers.

I booked a room directly with the hotel, what can I do?

We invite you to directly contact the hotel. 

Your convention ticket can be sold to someone else, see the method above.

How are the rooms assigned?

When you buy a residential ticket, you find yourself assigned to the same room space as its previous owner. You can write to registration@fauntastic.eu to request a room change.

I lead a panel and I am unable to come, what can I do?

Contact our events manager on Telegram: Habaxin t.me/Habaxin 

I have a table at the Dealer's Den I can't come anymore, what can I do?

Contact the managers of the Dealer’s Den:

I am a Volundeer and I cannot come anymore ? What can I do?

Contact our human ressources head on Telegram: Keja t.me/Kagemaru

What can I do to help the staff members ?

First of all, we thank you very much for your understanding considering the situation. Here’s what you can do :

  • Do not spread any information yourself: direct people to the Fauntastic news and informations page, fauntastic.eu/news . It contains a summary of the official informations about the convention situation, and serves as a reference. 
  • Invite people to stay connected and follow our social medias for more news, and ways to talk directly with the staff :  t.me/FauntasticCon
  • Be respectful of our service providers such as the hotel. This is a dire situation for them too, and they are directly impacted by the government decisions as well. 
  • If you are attending other conventions in 2020, support them as well if they are forced to take similar decisions. 
  • Be caring and show empathy to everyone. We are aware that some attendees won’t be able to come considering our new dates or will have trouble getting a refund on their traveling tickets. We understand their frustration and are asking for you to be understanding as well.