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Questions and answers

Can I, a minor, attend Fauntastic?

No. You must be over 18 at the start of the event to attend.

I bought two passes, how do I assign one of them to the person of my choice?

You’ll find the “My tickets and bookings” page on the registration website, in your profile. Write down the registration number or email of the person you’d like to assign your pass to, and click on the “Assign” button.

I don’t know whom to resell my ticket to!

A telegram group has been created for you to be able to announce your resale. Provide your room type, whether the sponsor option is included, as well as its price (which can’t exceed the price you bought it for). Prospective buyers will contact you directly from there on.

I’d like to buy a ticket

Register on the website registration.fauntastic.eu/register , then join the telegram group for resales to directly contact a reseller.

Take warning – Selling your ticket for a price higher than its purchase value is not allowed. When in doubt on a sale, please contact us.

What do those specific words on my bill mean?

Half-board (demi-pension) : A 4-nights stay at the hotel + breakfasts + dinners

Visitors’ Tax (Taxe de séjour) : A mandatory fee for any hotel stay.

Convention Pass & Residential Convention Pass : The convention’s basic price, which allows you to attend the whole convention.

Dance Access : Allows you to access the Main Stage during the convention.

Organization Membership (Adhésion Association) : This fee allows you to enjoy the convention’s bar. The membership only lasts for the convention’s duration.

How do I add someone to my room/join someone else’s room?

How does the Pass buying/reselling happen?

First and foremost, please make sure that :

– The buyer and seller have both already registered on the website (registration.fauntastic.eu/register).
– When selling, check that the money has been transferred properly.
– When buying, check that the Pass’ selling price didn’t exceed its base price!

> The resale price of a Pass must never exceed its base price.

Seller and buyer then each send an email to registration@fauntastic.eu , along with the following information :

– Their own registration number and email
– The other person’s registration number and email
– If a sponsor option is also transferred, the buyer must specify their t-shirt size and type (woman or unisex)

A reply will be sent to both email addresses as soon as the transfer is complete.