• Bring ID for registration
  • Keep your badge visible
  • Throw your trash in the trashcan

  • Faun Event may use your image for non-commercial uses (as in the group photo)

  • Faun Event is not liable for your lost, stolen or degraded belongings. However, if you need help (medical assistance, lost&found, safety…), ask our staff, they’re here to help you

  • It is forbidden to smoke or vape in the hotel

  • Don’t bring any cooking ustensils (ovens, etc)

  • Skateboards, rollers, bicycles, etc. aren’t allowed in the hotel

  • Use of drugs or any generally illegal action may get you excluded from the event

  • You must be at least 18 on the event’s opening day to attend

  • Weapons, realistic replicas and military/police-oriented outfits are forbidden

Fursuit Lounge

  • Fursuit Lounge access is limited to fursuiters and their helpers
  • Bringing snacks and drinks in the Fursuit Lounge is forbidden, as snacks and refreshments are already provided
  • Taking pictures and videos in the Fursuit Lounge is forbidden
  • Thank you for following opening and closing hours: You must get changed and retrieve your belongings 15 minutes before closing
  • The Fursuit Lounge is not a storage room for your regular belongings
  • As soon as your fursuit’s dry, free up the space for others to use the drying set-up. Ensure you only take up the necessary space to get changed and store your fursuit belongings. We reserve the right to move your belongings if necessary
  • Don’t move the installed set-up and don’t plug/unplug anything on the power cables and power strips
  • The Fursuit Lounge allows all to get changed: please respect everyone’s decency
  • If you need assistance or have a problem to report, please reach out to our staff

Dealer’s Den

  • Don’t walk around with your bag, snacks or drinks: The Dealer’s Den’s reception desk will hold them for you during your visit
  • No pictures or videos of stands and displays without their owners’ consent
  • No fursuit or imposing outfit/items
  • No purchase or sale of any product generated whole or partially by the use of AI. The same goes for 3D prints based on models not allowing resale
  • Please treat everyone with respect and courtesy. Any misbehavior can be reported and may result in the offender getting excluded from the venue