Snack exchange, rules and details

Written by Chronos

  | 25 March 2024

What’s the snack exchange?

A classic European convention event meant to celebrate the cultural diversity of our world. Bring along food and drink specialities from your home place to share with other attendees. Not able to bring anything? No problem! Come around, have a taste, and maybe discover your next favourite snack! 


What can I bring along?

Whatever you bring, please make sure any allergen info is clearly visible (or easy for you to explain!).



For health and safety reasons, please only bring unexpired solid, dry food that is pre-packaged and has a long shelf life. 


For examples packaged chocolate, cookies and candies are fine, but dips, jars of pickled onions/fish and homemade cakes will not be accepted. 


The only exception to this rule are cheese, and dry sausages (that’s cultural!), though they still have to be wrapped and not homemade.



All drinks must be purchased in store, still sealed, and on the consumption dates.


Concerning house drinks, any drink not containing alcohol is accepted. For alcoholic drinks, arranged liqueurs are permitted. However, any homemade fermented/distilled beverage is strictly prohibited.


PS: don’t forget to think about our vegan friends!


How will this work?

You’ll be asked to display everything on your table. Write the name of the country and/or region you’re representing on a paper display, take a chair, and you’re ready to wait for other attendees to come and taste what you brought! 


Plastic cups, plates, pikes, forks and paper towels will be available for everyone.