What to Expect ?

This year’s Fauntastic has prepared many surprises for you! We’re ready to welcome all future scouts with a large number of panels and activities. Whether you’re a fursuiter or not, here to party or chill, you’ll definitely have a great time at Camp Critters!

Share what matters

Conventions are the perfect place to share non-furry topics you care about. Panels, quizzes, video games, pop culture or board games, Fauntastic is curious about everything as long as it abides by our Code of Conduct. Come test your skills at the fighting game tournament, play open access boardgames, try out a new artistic activity or enjoy a taste of our Snack Exchange’s many treats!

Welcome Fursuiters !

Fauntastic cares about its fursuiters! You’ll find a Fursuit Lounge to dote on and dry your fursuits. Take a break and a breather there, we’ll provide you with snacks and drinks! Fursuiters with a knack for activities will also be able to enjoy various activities, such as Fursuit Games, Dance Contests and Fursuit Walks. And if you feel like getting your picture taken, do attend our photoshoot, or enjoy the hotel’s lush, green surroundings.

Party Animals

You love a good tune? So do we! Our DJs will be putting the groove on during night dances : EDM, DnB, Hiphop, no style is off-limits! The bravest of you may even attend the Karaoke. And if you’d rather chill with friends and drinks, the convention features its very own community bar, handled with TLC by its volunteers! Every year, its drinks range from softs to alcoholic beverages, all matching the current edition’s theme!

In creativity’s service

Whether you’re an artist or simply a connoisseur of beautiful pictures, Fauntastic is the place to be! We’ll be hosting many art-themed panels suited to amateurs and professional artists alike. Why not use this opportunity to get (re)started on drawing, music or even fursuit making? Check out the Dealer’s Den as well, the best place to support your favorite artists and fursuit makers by buying their merchandise or commissioning them on the spot.

If you’re an artist and want a place to display your work, the Artists page is there for you! !

Holidays with friends

Since community is one of our foremost values, we’ll put in every effort to offer you as much space and a pleasant backdrop to socialize as we can. Make new friends or reconnect with old ones while enjoying a beer, tea or coffee from the convention’s community bar (placed under shelter close to the terrace, facing the pool), and enjoy the calm, luscious scenery of the hotel’s outdoor terrace.