Be the animal you want to be

Relaxed Dress Code

This year, the following are allowed all day long:

  • Every type of animal heads (fursuits, pup hoods, masks made out of vinyl, silicone, rubber)
  • Every types of harnesses, when worn over clothing or fursuits
  • Every types of tails attached by a strap (aka “show tails”)
Adding to that, after 22:00, we also allow:
  • Bodysuits made out of lycra / spandex (petsuits), rubber, neoprene, etc.
  • Other fetish accessories: cuffs, etc.

Download the dresscode sheet (Last update: 2023-03-11)


No visible genitalia (fake or real), no naked butts and no fully naked torso.
Keep them covered by underwear, crop-tops, bikinis, etc.

NO gear or hoods in the arcade area, DD and fursuit lounge

The “arcade” area is the Ibis part of the hotel.
We will keep this area for people who want to avoid being exposed to the relaxed dress code. Please do not loiter here if you wear anything listed above. You can walk through to get to your room, nothing more.

Additional notes
  • Zips are tolerated as long as they remain closed.
  • No gear or hood in the fursuit lounge. Please change in your (or someone else’s) room.

  • Sexual activities are not allowed,
    you are still expected to follow the general rules of the convention. Have fun in your rooms 😉

  • For safety reasons:
    lockable gear must remain unlock, no leashes.

  • Collars are fine at all time, unless they are too spiky!