Dealer’s den rules

Article 1 – General:

The Fauntastic “Camp Critters” organized by the FRANCOFAUNE Association will take place from March 29 to April 2, 2024 at the Novotel Lyon Bron Eurexpo/(69500)Bron. The organizational methods are determined and can be modified at the initiative of the Association. In the event of force majeure (terrorist threat, natural disaster, etc.), the Association reserves the right to cancel the event. Fauntastic’s Dealers’ Den is an event in a private setting, aimed at Exhibitors: professionals, associations, and individuals. For individuals, in the exclusive context of the sale of their personal property and on an exceptional basis. The Association reserves the right to refuse any Exhibitor whose activity does not seem to be in conformity with the activity of the event or any application from an Exhibitor which could compromise the smooth running of the event, without any compensation. The Dealers’ Den of Fauntastic “Camp Critters” will take place on March 30 and March 31, 2024, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., with a break for Exhibitor catering and will resume from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Article 2 – Participation :

Exhibitors will ensure that they are in compliance with the applicable legislation, provide the necessary information and documents to the FAUN EVENTS Association and meet the requirements of the event. As such, they will need to complete the registration form which will be communicated on October 25, 2023, before November 8, 2023. The possibility of obtaining a stand is made by selection, the organizer undertakes to make the latter in an impartial manner, and to distribute the exhibitors with the aim of diversity to be offered for the event.

Article 3 – Insurance & Safety :

The FAUN EVENTS Association disclaims any liability with Exhibitors for their legal and tax situation, as well as the risk of theft, loss, accident, damage and fire… The booths will be under the sole responsibility of the Exhibitors All Exhibitors undertake to take out civil liability insurance for the entire duration of the event, to insure their companions and their property for any damage that may be caused by a third party. For safety reasons, the materials used will comply with M1 standards. Therefore, the Association is committed to providing tablecloths in fireproof fabrics for the booths.

Article 4 – Assembly and disassembly :

Exhibitors will set up the evening before the Dealers’ Den (times communicated to exhibitors in an email and on the dedicated Dealers’ Den Telegram channel.) and/or 1 hour before opening to the public. Sites not occupied when the Dealers’ Den opens will be considered available. As a result, they will once again become the property of the Association, which may dispose of them as it wishes without the absentee being able to claim any compensation. The Association may also decide to place a new Exhibitor in the event of non-presence. On dismantling on April 10 between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m., Exhibitors are required to leave their booths clean and to use the garbage bags made available to them. Bulky objects/materials that they no longer want have to be disposed of by their own care and means. They will be held responsible in the event of damage to the furniture, floors and walls of their booths.

Article 5 – Commitments :

Exhibitors undertake to personally occupy their booth. Any registration, partial or total transfer to a third party is prohibited without the authorization of the Association. Exhibitors may, with the Association’s agreement, distribute or make available to Visitors, posters, flyers or other products promoting another event or shop. For the well-being of all, be careful when using sound systems or music, the freedom of some ends where that of others begins! Likewise, an hour of calm will be observed during the afternoon of the Dealers Den on Saturday March 30 and Sunday March 31, 2024 from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. This is to accommodate people with sensory disabilities and to make the end of the day more pleasant. We therefore ask you to communicate with each other and with your customers by communicating in a low voice.

Article 6 – Merchandise :

Anyone practicing concealment, counterfeiting, or committing offenses assimilated or similar to this is liable to penalties provided for in articles 321-1 to 321-8, R-633 and R535-7 of the new French Penal Code However, Exhibitors are authorized to sell their creations under the right to caricature. Likewise, we let the Exhibitors find out about the licenses authorized in operation. Otherwise, to request a partial transfer of rights to the rights holders of these licenses. No AI-generated content is permitted in the Dealers Den, whether on display or for sale. The organizer may request the immediate withdrawal of these. 16+ and 18+ items and merchandise must be sealed in a binder or any other means of concealment, Exhibitors will be requested to label the contents on these for Visitors. Except for exhibitors in the After Dark category of the Dealers Den who are authorized to exhibit their 16/18+ content without means of concealment. Regardless of their placement within the DD, Exhibitors selling items with Explicit content must give them in an opaque bag or sleeve to the buyer if the latter does not have a bag or pouch to hide their item. NSFW items must be hidden from view in the rest of the Dealers’ Den and hotel after purchase.

Article 7 – Provision of Services :

The Organizers and the FAUN EVENTS Association will not be held responsible for any exchange of services between the Exhibitor and the Visitor. If an agreement is not respected between the Exhibitor and the Visitor, the latter must settle their dispute between themselves or by any other legal means.

Article 8 – Cancellation :

Cancellations are possible, however, please notify the Association as soon as possible so that it can find a replacement.

Article 9 – Visitors :

All Visitors undertake to respect these rules when attending the Dealers’ Den event:

No photographs or videos of booths and Exhibitors without their consent and in compliance with copyright and paternity of works.

No drinks, they will be kept at the reception of the Dealers’ Den during the Visitor’s tour and can be collected after.

No “Fursuits” or any other imposing costume/object in the Dealers’ Den location. The latter taking up a lot of space, they can cause a mass stop and blockages/slowdowns in traffic, the promotion of Exhibitors can be impacted, not to mention potential damage to the Exhibitor’s booths.

Any purchase with NSFW content must be concealed in a pouch or bag after payment. NSFW items must be hidden from view in the rest of the Dealers’ Den and hotel after purchase.

Respect and courtesy between Visitors/Visitors as well as Visitors/Exhibitors. Any unwelcome behavior may be reported, and the offender removed from the exhibition site.

Article 10 – The Association :

The Association undertakes to provide Exhibitors with several services outside their booth :

– A welcome booth for any question/information/leaflet/other

– Black flame-retardant fabric tablecloth (M1) for the table

– A laminator

– A glue gun

– Outlets/extensions [depending on disponibility]

– Drinks (water)

Article 11 – Application of Regulations :

Any violation of these regulations may result in the suspension of the Exhibitor from the event, partially or definitively. The registration form and the signature of this document commit the Exhibitors to full acceptance of these regulations. Visitor rules will be posted at the entrance to the Dealers’ Den.

We wish you an excellent convention !
Rubis Firenos, Dealer’s Den planner
Swarthylacine & La Lune Rouge, Co-planners