The Dealers’ Den

The Dealers’ Den is the artists’ den. It brings together illustrators, creators of fursuits and other accessories, as well as all other forms of art (music, sculpture, etc.)! It’s a place of exchange and discovery, where artists can sell their creations.

Practical informations

  • The Dealers’ Den has tables measuring 150x70cm for a full stand and 75x70cm for a half-stand.
  • Stands will be set up the evening before Dealers’ Den opens, and the morning before Dealers’ Den opens.
  • The Dealers’ Den will run for 2 days, with a one-hour break at each lunch. Take advantage of the lunch break to recharge your batteries! Times: Saturday, March 30 and Sunday, March 31, from 10am to 12pm and from 1pm to 5pm.
  • During the event, a laminator, glue gun and punch press will be available, as well as water for hydration and a few snacks.

Attending @ Dealers’ Den

Participation in the Dealers’ Den is by selection via forms available on the site when specific Dealers’ Den registrations open.

The selection of artists is made in such a way as to vary the content and styles (digital/traditional) to be presented to the attendees, as well as the content of the stands and their variety of proposals (goodies/commissions/other). As the Dealers’ Den can’t accommodate many artists, we prefer to encourage diversity! The Dealers’ Den team remains at your disposal should you have any questions.

Head: Rubis Firenos
Co-head: Swarthylacine and La Lune Rouge

We look forward to welcoming you among our artists!

Please check out the Dealer’s Den Rules before applying!


Contribute to the conbook

Every year, we give our participants a Conbook. This little booklet contains all the practical information for the convention: schedule, hotel map, activity details, rules and regulations, etc.


As an artist, you can help us make this conbook fun and enjoyable by donating your time to illustrate it!

  • It’s all volunteer work, and there’s nothing in return. So it’s up to you! However, you retain all rights to your drawing.

  • SFW only, digital and traditional styles accepted.

  • Two different types of illustrations are required: full-page illustrations (download the template), and background-free illustrations to dress up the pages.

  • The design must be in keeping with the current year’s theme (download the guide).

If you’d like to help us, or if you have any questions, please write to us at : Thank you for your help !