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Become a Volundeer

Join our VOLONCERF™ team!
Every year we try to improve the convention, and you can help us do it!

Who is a Volundeer ?

A volundeer (Voloncerf in French) is first and foremost someone who gives up their time to help with various tasks during the convention.

Tasks are generally well distributed at Fauntastic, and we do our best to ensure that no one is overburdened with work, and that everyone benefits from the convention. There are no prerequisites for volunteering, apart from a little motivation. No skills are required, although they are always appreciated.

Would you like to put your skills at the service of a real project, with objectives to be achieved and stakes to be met? Make sure everyone has a great Faun experience? Be part of a team full of fun-loving people?

Then join us!

Activities which requires Volundeers

  • Safety : Ensuring that everyone benefits from the convention in a safe and responsible way

  • Bar : Ensure that everyone has access to delicious, refreshing beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic

  • Conops : Ensuring that every event takes place in the best possible conditions

  • Registration : Ensure that each attendee receives all the items they need to start their convention with peace of mind (badges, conbooks, goodies).

  • Fursuit lounge : Ensure that fursuiters have a clean, welcoming space in which to rest, recharge and care for their outfits.

Contact volunteers@fauntastic.eu to join our team!


As the convention evolves rapidly, we sometimes need volunteers for key positions in the organization. These positions often require more specific skills and a greater commitment throughout the year.

If you’d like to get even more involved with Fauntastic, keep an eye on the vacancies on this page and in our networks.

Animate a panel

A convention like Fauntastic is the perfect place to share with others the subjects that are close to your heart. Through a conference or an activity, come and discover video games, science, pop culture, board games or any other subject in line with our code of conduct. The possibilities are as varied as your interests. If you’re interested in hosting a panel, get in touch!


No vacancies at the moment. Please reach us later !