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COVID policies update

Published on 14/03/2022 at 22:00

Dear participants, due to the easing of the French governmental regulations regarding the COVID19 pandemic we would like to inform you that :

  • A valid COVID vaccination certificate will not be mandatory.
  • Wearing a mask will remain strongly recommended during the convention.
  • The situation may change at any time as we are not responsible for the rules established.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Closed Registration

Published on 23/02/2022 at 19:05

Dear attendees,

After contacting our hotel, we are informing you that we will not be opening registration again for this edition. This means that no new tickets will be sold (residential or convention ticket).

This decision is following multiple parameters that we would like to share with you, for the sake of transparency.

We inquired with the hotel about the last few rooms available during the convention. Despite our efforts, it wasn’t possible to negotiate the same price as the residential tickets we already sold. We decided not to sell additional tickets at a higher price than previously announced.

Additionally, the correct application of the current health policies makes it impossible to welcome more attendees.

All information about tickets, resell and purchase are available here:

If you have questions related to your ticket, contact

Thank you for your understanding and support!

New Dates (2022)

Published on 6/02/2021 at 19:00

Dear attendees,

Uncertainties related to the sanitary situation in France are forcing us to postpone the convention to 2022.

The 2nd edition of Fauntastic is now scheduled from Friday 15th April to Monday, 18th April 2022, at the Golden Tulip Lyon.

Your tickets, hotel included, stay valid for those new dates.

If you're unable to come, or if you have other questions, please check the FAQ we wrote, available here :

The Fauntastic Staff would like to thank you for your patience and support.
Take care and see you next year !

New Year's Wishes

Published on 8/01/2021 at 19:00

Hello everyone! The whole Fauntastic staff wishes you the best for 2021!

After a troubled 2020, this year brings its own uncertainties. As we’re writing these lines, there is no clear information from the french government regarding the conduction of events such as Fauntastic, scheduled at the moment from the 2nd to the 5th of April, 2021.

Our contractual engagements with the hotel hosting the convention cannot be changed without clear governmental measures. As in 2020, we will stay in touch and make announcements as soon as new information is given to us.

We thank you for your unwithering support and comprehension.

See you soon,

Fauntastic Staff

New dates

Published on 6/05/2020 at 12:39

Dear attendees,

We are happy to announce new dates for the 2nd edition of Fauntastic : 2nd to 5th of april, 2021, at the Golden Tulip Lyon.

Your tickets, hotel included, are valid for those new dates.

If you're unable to come, or if you have other questions, please read carefully the FAQ we wrote, available here :

We hope to see you next year, at last, for our night of the yōkai.

Current state (March 29)

Published on 29/03/2020 at 19:00

Despite the current quarantine in France, all Fauntastic staff keeps working for the second edition of the convention. We stay alert about any sanitary measures taken from the French government.

Because of these uncertainties, we would recommend witholding purchases of travel tickets in case the quarantine is extended. Take care of yourself, hoping to see you all in more favorable conditions soon.

Official statement about the situation with Covid-19 and the convention

Published on 14/03/2020 at 21:00

Dear attendees, 

Following the recent government announcements and safety recommendations concerning the Covid-19 epidemic outbreak, we have made the decision to postpone this edition of Fauntastic. In compliance with the hotel, Fauntastic will be held from may 29th, to june 1st. The convention will remain at the Golden Tulip Lyon Eurexpo Hotel. 

We are aware that the current state of the viral infection is uncertain, and could still be a threat at the end of may. If that is the case, and if our event is still affected by governmental measures, we would be forced to postpone the convention in 2021.

Our immediate priorities :

  1. Our attendees’ health
    Fauntastic will only be held if we can guarantee health safety for our participants, and at the same time be in adequacy with our government health department recommendations. This is why we have to postpone the convention to may, or even in 2021 if that is necessary.
  2. Making the convention happen
    We are doing our best to make the convention happen with state of the art safety conditions, and are already working on several procedures to limit the impact of the virus for our attendees. If it’s still a concern for you and you’d rather not participate this year, or if you’re not available on our new dates, you can still resell your ticket to someone else. You’ll find more information about this on our FAQ below.
  3. Our organization financial safety
    As you may or may not know Fauntastic is run by a non profit organisation, and the convention is founded by the attendee tickets sales, Such as other events in the like of our convention, we are bound by contracts with many service providers (including the hotel ), that we paid already. Cancelling Fauntastic and refunding everyone would cause the financial bankruptcy of our organization.

Why postpone the convention instead of cancelling it ?

Ideally, because we would like to attend and enjoy Fauntastic. From a more down to earth point of view, our organization is also bound by contracts with many services providers. The terms of these contracts are here to protect both the convention and our associates, as it’s the case for many other conventions.

Breaking those contracts this close to the convention’s dates is financially impossible for us. It would cause financial bankruptcy to the non profit organisation behind Fauntastic, preventing us from working on future editions of the convention.

Who confident are we about helding the convention in may ?

The government official measures are, to this day ( march, 14th ), effective until april, 15th. It’s obviously difficult to predict how the epidemic outbreak is going to evolve.

We are actively seeking updates on the situation, and keep making the necessary decisions in order to maintain our priorities: our attendees’ health, making the convention happen, and our non profit organization financial safety. We’ll keep you informed of all our decisions, and will communicate on them as soon as possible so you can adapt.

If governmental measures preventing us from holding Fauntastic are still effective from may 29th to june 1st, we would be forced to postpone the convention in 2021.

Last words

We sincerely hope we could clearly assess the convention’s situation, and reply to all the questions you could have.

The Fauntastic’s team is very fond of their work on the convention, and wish to offer you an event as good as expected, in the best situation.

We thank you deeply for your understanding, and for your consideration. We received many supportive messages, and they were very touching.

The Fauntastic organization board: Gmorkh ( chairman ), Angel, Fedvarg, Keja, Kosse, Habaxin, Ray Bleiz, Rubis, Tach, Yrreug. 

Stay in touch: Twitter, Telegram announcements, official Telegram channel



I cannot come at the new dates, what can I do?

We recommend you to resell your ticket to someone else. For more informations about  reselling your ticket, please refer to “How do I resell my ticket?”, available below in this FAQ. Unfortunately the convention is unable to refund tickets.

I will not come to the new date, I fear the virus might still be present, what can be done ?

We understand your fear. If you do not wish to come to this year’s edition, we strongly advise you to resell your ticket to someone else. Unfortunately the convention is not able to refund any tickets.

Can I get my ticket refunded?

Unfortunately, the convention is unable to refund any tickets.

As detailed above, our non profit organization is bound by contracts with multiple service providers that we have already had to pay. Our funds are only coming from the sale of the convention tickets of the current edition, doing refunds would mean the bankruptcy of our non profit organization and the definitive end of the convention.

To our great regret, we unfortunately cannot offer refunds. However, it is possible to resell your ticket to another person. We’ll accept changes until Friday May 15th.

How do I resell my ticket?

You must find a person who wants to buy your ticket. The terms of payment and reselling are to be managed between you (the seller) and the buyer, the convention is not at any time involved in the transaction between you and the buyer.

  1. If not done already, the buyer must create an account on, to obtain a registration number.
  2. Once the sale has been made, you (the seller) must send an email to and inform us that you agree to transfer your ticket and include the buyer's registration number.
  3. We only accept changes until Friday May 15th.
  4. Our registration team will re attribute the ticket and confirm the changes to all the parties over a few days.

Our website has a new functionality to help you find a buyer : 

  1. Login to your profile on our website 
  2. If you wish to resell your ticket(s), check the corresponding box on your profile. If you wish to write a custom announcement (for example to specify the number of ticket to sell), use the blank text box made for this purpose.
  3. Your name will then appear on the list of people wishing to sell their tickets, available at: 
  4. Your personal information will only be visible to logged in users

How to buy a ticket sold by another attendee ?

You want to buy the ticket of someone who is no longer able to come to the convention. Here is how :

  1. If you have not already done so, create an account on, in order to obtain a registration number.
  2. The page contains a list of people who wish to resell their tickets. Contact information is available if you visit this page while logged into your account.
  3. You need to contact the person selling his ticket, and arrange for payment. The convention is not at any time involved in the transaction between new attendees and sellers.
  4. Once the person selling you their ticket has received your payment, they must contact with your registration number.
  5. We accept ticket changes until Friday May 15th.
  6. Our registration team will re attribute the ticket and confirm the changes to all the parties over a few days.

I want to resell a convention only ticket, is the procedure the same as for a residential ticket?

Yes, the procedures are exactly the same regardless of which type of ticket you have to sell: convention ticket or residential ticket.

I’m reselling a ticket with a sponsor option, but the person interested in buying my ticket doesn’t want the sponsor. Is it possible to cancel it ?

No. The sponsor option being already reserved, you’re selling a ticket including the sponsor option. The buyer will automatically receive the benefits of the option.

The selling price remains negotiable between the seller and the buyer. 

I bought back a ticket containing a sponsor option, but the tshirt size included in it isn’t matching mine. Can it be changed ?

As long as stocks are available, it’s still possible to change the size of the tshirt you’ll receive at the convention. In order to do so, please write to

I bought both my ticket and my friends ticket. Only one of us would like to sell their ticket, how can I do it ?

The resell process is to be handled by the account associated to the purchase of the ticket. It is possible for us to transfer onlye one out of two tickets to the buyer.  All payments are handled by the buyer and the reseller, the convention is not at any time involved in the transaction between new attendees and sellers.

I booked a room directly with the hotel, what can I do?

We invite you to directly contact the hotel. 

Your convention ticket can be sold to someone else, see the method above.

How are the rooms assigned?

When you buy a residential ticket, you find yourself assigned to the same room space as its previous owner. You can write to to request a room change.

Regarding the tickets, what happens if the convention is postponed a second time ?

All tickets are valid for the second edition of Fauntastic, whatever the date on which it will takes place: ideally from May 29th to June 1st, in the worst case in 2021.

I had already bought my transport ticket. Can I get a refund?

You should refer to the transport company you choosed, in the case of SNCF:

I lead a panel and I am unable to come, what can I do?

Contact our events manager on Telegram: Habaxin 

I have a table at the Dealer's Den I can't come anymore, what can I do?

Contact the managers of the Dealer’s Den:

I am a Volundeer and I cannot come anymore ? What can I do?

Contact our human ressources head on Telegram: Keja

What can I do to help the staff members ?

First of all, we thank you very much for your understanding considering the situation. Here’s what you can do :

  • Do not spread any information yourself: direct people to the Fauntastic news and informations page, . It contains a summary of the official informations about the convention situation, and serves as a reference. 
  • Invite people to stay connected and follow our social medias for more news, and ways to talk directly with the staff :
  • Be respectful of our service providers such as the hotel. This is a dire situation for them too, and they are directly impacted by the government decisions as well. 
  • If you are attending other conventions in 2020, support them as well if they are forced to take similar decisions. 
  • Be caring and show empathy to everyone. We are aware that some attendees won’t be able to come considering our new dates or will have trouble getting a refund on their traveling tickets. We understand their frustration and are asking for you to be understanding as well.

Government's new measures against SARS-2-CoV

Published on 13/03/2020 at 13:48

The french government just announced a new safety rule, limiting meetings to 100 attendees. We’re waiting for the official announcement to get more detailed information.

We’re already talking with the hotel about moving the convention to a later date. We still need to work out some details before making an official announcement, which should be ready soon.

Meanwhile, you can send us your questions and remarks using the contact form available on